The Pilot is a dedicated sail design for riders, who look for the perfect blend of performance, high quality and a maximum value. Everybody, who enjoys a smooth freeride session or is making his first steps into the foot straps will love the Pilot. The relaxed luff curve improves compatibility with nearly any mast brand, making the Pilot an economical sail for families. Super smooth batten rotation, progressive pull and the backhanded profile offer enough power to move and manoeuvre even heavier older boards. The lightweight construction of the Pilot makes it suitable for everybody, who wants to enjoy a smooth windsurfing session.




Lightness paired with profile stability in all sizes.


A Dacron panel next to the mast sleeve provides the Pilot with smooth power generation.


The luff curve of the Pilot is designed to make the sail work with masts of almost any manufacturer.


Reduced tractive forces make rigging the Pilot extremely easy and comfortable.


An extremely light construction makes the Pilot the perfect choice for the whole family.


The best in the business and the best for us. We have been working closely with dimension to ensure we have the toughest sails on the market including our top of the line 4MIL X-Ply which is lighter and stronger than ever before.


To get the best possible colour for the longest possible time, we have invested heavily in our film over the past season. The result is outstanding colour that won´t fade no matter what you do to it.season. The result is outstanding colour that won´t fade no matter what you do to it.

Integrated Batten Technology

To reduce the overall weight of our sails the top batten have been designed using an integrated panel design. Rather than add extra weight for the batten pocket the batten pocket is sewn directly into the panel. Improving strength and reducing swing weight.

Double Seam

This heavy duty reinforcement area through the windows on the wave sails gives solid durability at these critical areas.

Radial load tape

Comes on Manic, Manic HD, IQ and Hybrid. In addition to our radial panel layout, this reinforces the sail along the load lines
whilst reducing the stretch of the material, allowing the sail to hold its shape longer when you get hit by stronger winds.

Clew Area

Our refined clew patch provides the ultimate in strength and durability. It also protects the stitching with the new styling features.

Dacron Luff Panel

Comes in all Manic, Manic HD, IQ, Pure, Hybrid and Pilot designs, allowing for a smoother/softer feel that gives the sail life!

Rollup Leash

Quick, easy elasticated system that keeps sails roll up nice and tidy. Perfect when storage space is at a premium.

Rollup Leash

Quick, easy elasticated system that keeps sails roll up nice and tidy. Perfect when storage space is at a premium.

Vario Top

The GA Vario top will not slip. Designed for maximum performance the GA vario top is easy to use and strong enough for the PWA. With set and forget system that means you only have to adjust it once.

Vario Pocket

A simple pocket on the top of the luff sleeve allows to to store away any excess webbing from your Vario Strap. No more flapping Vario Tops in the GA Sails range.

Vario Protection

This little add-on for the top cap on the Vario Tops protects the adjustable webbing from breaking down from wear and tear on rough ground.

Tack Fairing

A redesign that makes the fold flow much easier. It is clean and just how it needs to be: Perfection!


4,54081574001984Vario 0Gaastra 80/70/50 SDM/RDM3.18
5,042116940019224Vario 0Gaastra 80/70/50 SDM/RDM3.35
5,64381804302184Fixed0Gaastra 80/70/50 SDM3.52
6,245519043021264Fixed0Gaastra 80/70/50 SDM3.72
6,847120046025124Fixed0Gaastra 80/70/50 SDM3.95

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