The GA Carbon Team Extension stands as our flagship product. It’s been meticulously designed and crafted with an exceptional eye for detail, resulting in a mast extension that’s user-friendly and resilient.
The GA Carbon Team Extension offers a quick and easy collar adjustment for precise fine-tuning, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
A key innovation of the GA Carbon Team Extension is its strategically aligned triple pulleys. This design minimizes downhaul friction, enabling faster and more efficient rigging. The careful consideration given to rope alignment and pulley spacing has allowed us to significantly enhance the performance of this extension.
The GA Carbon Team Extension is versatile and adaptable, making it perfectly matched to any sail. Regardless of your sail of choice, the Carbon Team Extension will elevate your windsurfing performance.
In addition, this mast extension comes equipped with a low-stretch downhaul rope. This high-strength synthetic fiber drastically reduces friction, making operation smoother and easier. The GA Carbon Team Extension is more than a mast extension. It represents countless hours of research, design, and testing. It embodies our commitment to deliver the best windsurfing equipment possible. With this extension, you’re not merely purchasing a product, but investing in a high-performance, superior windsurfing experience.

  • impressive lightness and stiffness
  • collar adjustment quick and easy
  • aligned double pulleys
  • design focused on reducing downhaul friction for easier rigging
  • low-stretch downhaul rope
  • perfectly matched to any sail
  • 6:1 advantage
  • U-Pin System

0-32cm / 0-48cm

0-32cm / 0-48cm