Matt Pritchard


I have traveled the world over and over for the past 20 years competing at the top level. Recently I have stepped off the PWA Tour and have been enjoying being in one place longer than 2 months at a time! I call Maui, Hawaii my home and love being able to sail in warm water and epic waves just 5 minutes from my house. I have been operating a GA/Tabou test center on Maui and introducing a lot of people to the brands.
I help manage the GA/Tabou International team as well as distribute the GA/ Tabou brands in the USA.
In addition to this, I do windsurfing clinics in Maui and Baja, and a lot of private lessons in various locations, teaching people new skills. This keeps me inspired seeing the stoke in someones eyes that gets their first forward loop or learns how to use the harness and makes their first jibe! Windsurfing is such a great sport- it is an addiction that must be fueled as much as possible.

Career highlights

2005 PWA Super X World Champion

2004 PWA Super X World Champion

2002 PWA Freestyle World Champion