Maddalena Maria Spanu


I was born in Sardinia, I started windsurfing at 6, and international slalom at 12, but I wave it just for fun. When I was very young, my father always took me windsurfing with him, so he passed on his passion for this sport to me. I practice it in different spots on the west coast of Sardinia (torregrande, putzu idu, funtana meiga…) and then with my family we travel all over the world to compete or simply to have fun windsurfing. My island is very windy especially in summer, while in winter it gets a lot of waves. I also do wing racing and I like to practice skate and surf as a hobby.

Career highlights

2nd place Under 15 European IFCA Slalom Championship 

1st place under 17 Europen IFCA Slalom Championship
1st place UNDER15 PWA Youth Slalom World Championship

2nd place under 17 IFCA Slalom World Championship
2nd overall Italian Slalom Championship