The Pure helps the creative minds of freestyle windsurfers unfold, when they come up with new moves and learn the most radical rotations. By stiffening the main batten we improved the overall stability and performance, allowing you to feel comfortably powered during your first moves and the most radical ones, you’re going to learn. With the introduction of a smaller sail window unnecessary seams and interferences with other materials are eliminated, leading to outstanding lightness and durability. The Pure is designed for raw power to provide maximum pop, which translates into neutrality in the air during rotations. This no compromise design accelerates your progress in freestyle windsurfing.



Our goal is to provide every surfer with the perfect sail for his or her demands, which is why we implement the right materials and features for each application area. Depending on the sail model we use the suitable combination of different materials of highest quality to achieve the perfect mix of lightness, durability, power and handling. Quality, advanced technology and innovation means everything to us and each step in the development process is extensively planned to offer unique windsurfing performance.


Lightness paired with profile stability in all sizes.


A more compact sail window provides great visibility, while eliminating unnecessary seams and interferences with other materials.


All battens above the boom are integrated into the overlapping panels for maximized symmetry and stability.


A Dacron panel next to the mast sleeve allows the Pure to load up tons of power for maximum pop.


The Pure’s design provides a neutral feeling in your hands especially during manoeurves.


To get the best possible colour for the longest possible time, we have invested heavily in our film over the past season. The result is outstanding colour that won´t fade no matter what you do to it.season. The result is outstanding colour that won´t fade no matter what you do to it.


The best in the business and the best for us. We have been working closely with dimension to ensure we have the toughest sails on the market including our top of the line 4MIL X-Ply which is lighter and stronger than ever before.

Reinforcement Batten Pocket

Light and durable reinforced area, to help protect against all types of wear and tear!

Integrated Tensioner

Very light and durable for the perfect trim.

Double Seam

This heavy duty reinforcement area through the windows on the wave sails gives solid durability at these critical areas.

Vario Top

The GA Vario top will not slip. Designed for maximum performance the GA vario top is easy to use and strong enough for the PWA. With set and forget system that means you only have to adjust it once.

Vario Pocket

A simple pocket on the top of the luff sleeve allows to to store away any excess webbing from your Vario Strap. No more flapping Vario Tops in the GA Sails range.

Vario Protection

This little add-on for the top cap on the Vario Tops protects the adjustable webbing from breaking down from wear and tear on rough ground.

Rollup Leash

Quick, easy elasticated system that keeps sails roll up nice and tidy. Perfect when storage space is at a premium.

Rollup Leash

Quick, easy elasticated system that keeps sails roll up nice and tidy. Perfect when storage space is at a premium.

Mast Sleeve Opening

The GA Silicon patch above the boom cutout opens the mast pocket just a little, allowing the rider to insert the mast with just one hand, without having to move up the luff.

Tack Fairing

A redesign that makes the fold flow much easier. It is clean and just how it needs to be: Perfection!

Downhaul Storage Pocket

Downhaul storage pocket – Our simple downhaul storage pocket makes rigging faster and easier.


4.038214737017124FixedGaastra 100/80/70 RDM3.08
4.439315437017244FixedGaastra 100/80/70 RDM3.2
4.841215840019124FixedGaastra 100/80/70 RDM3.34
5.242516940019264FixedGaastra 100/80/70 RDM3.55

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