100 SDM

Our GA racing team expects the best from our 100% SDM range. When every race counts, mast breakages or poor tuning will make the difference between a podium place or last place. Our 100% SDM delivers unrivaled acceleration and reflex timing that will keep you moving faster and faster! Top of the line carbon fiber is used and no expense is spared for the GA 100% Race. A proven title winner the GA SDM is the best in its class.


400191.6 kg100%IPS*yes
430211.7 kg100%IPS*yes
460251.9 kg100%IPS*yes
490292.1 kg100%IPS*yes
520322.2 kg100%IPS*yes
550372.8 kg100%IPS*yes

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*IPS – The Invisible Polyamid Shield is a mast shielding device.
An invisible barrier from a patented ‚Prepreg Force Tank, takes durability and light weight to a new standard. The mast is sealed with a polyamid surface coating making the mast 100% scratch and dent resistant. The strength of these new‚ 100 & 70% series‚ masts has been tested at 45% stronger than our previous models. After continuous abuse, the masts look new, stay strong and perform without compromise.