Sebastian Koerdel


nameSebastian Koerdel
sail noGER-220
aboutI was born near the beautiful Lake of Constance in 1990. Like a lot of other boys in my town I started sailing at a local sailing club. However, the small boats soon started to bore me and I was looking for something faster and more exciting. That’s how I started windsurfing at the age of 7. With 12 years I participated at my first windsurfing race and since then I never stopped. In 2012 I became German champion and beginning this year, I completely concentrate on the PWA tour. Besides that, I try my best at international Formula events and race in German cups whenever I have the time. I just finished my university and I am super happy that I get to travel the world and live my dream for the next couple of years.
career highlights2012 Overall German Champion
2014 Formula European Champion
2016 Vice Champion of the World Formula
2016 3rd PWA Hvide Sande Denmark
2016 15th PWA annual Slalom ranking
favourite sailsVapor 7.9 for Slalom and Manic for Wave
favourite boardmedium sized slalom Board
words to live byenjoy the moment