Rossel Bertoldo


nameRossel Bertoldo
sail noITA 832
aboutI'm Rossel Bertoldo and i come from Sant'Antioco in south west of Sardinia. I started practice windsurf at 18 years old.
Thanks to Windsurfing club sa barra, my level in the water it's every day better.

It's a really good spot where you can improve a lot.(more than 250 days windy weather x year) I hope this can be just the beginning of my career. It's easy to say but windsurf has changed my life really.
career highlights3 place Italian cup tow in 2013
3 place at italian tow in championship 2013
5 place italian championship 2014
1 place at Sabarra contest 2014
2 place at italian cup tow in 2014
favourite sailsGa Pure 4.2, 4.8 & 5.2
favourite boardTabou Twister 90
words to live bylet TWIST ..& jump