Ramon Pastor


nameRamon Pastor
sail noE-72
aboutWindsurf is my passion and i find in Tarifa the best zone for sailing in all disciplines!
career highlightsSpanish champion chip overall 2009,2010,2012,2013
2º CNF Spain Freestyle La Manga’05
9º CWR Cabezo, Tenerife, Wave’06
7º CWR Pozo Izq, Gran Canaria, Wave’06
10º CWR Cabezo, Tenerife, Wave’07
8º CWR Pozo Izq, Gran Canaria, Wave’07
3º Mas Pinell X TREAM CCF ‘08
2º CNF Spain Wave, Almería ’08
3º CNF Spain Slalom, Almería ’08
9º CNF Spain Wave Tenerife ’08
3º CNF Spain Freestyle Tarifa ’08
4º CNF Spain Slalom Tarifa ’08
1º Overall CNF (Spain) Provisional '08
favourite sailsManic 4,2
favourite boardDaCurve 80
words to live byLive is like a windy day!