Finn Mellon


nameFinn Mellon
sail noIR 93
aboutI am 18 years old, I am lucky to live In wave sailing heaven of Brandon Bay,Ireland I first stepped on a windsurf board when I was 6 but didn't get into it until I was about 13 years old, I have been hooked ever since then !

I sail because of the excitement I get from catching and riding waves, And the drive to always improve my sailing is another reason I enjoy sailing. It is great fun sharing waves with my Dad and pushing each other to be better than one another.

Other than Windsurfing my main hobby is defiantly Surfing, I always love to spend time at the beach so when there isn't enough wind to sail I always go Surfing. I feel surfing really works with my Windsurfing, My surfing gives wave knowledge and a different wave sailing style.
career highlightsCurrent Irish Youth Champion
5th place in PWA Tenerife youths event
Vice British Wave champion
Appearing on National Geographic
favourite sails4.2 IQ, This size sail always provides the best sailing, Powered up but not hanging off the sail ! Ideal conditions - Float and Ride Sailing with logo high Waves at Home.
words to live by"Quitters never win and Winners never Quit"