Ethan Westera


nameEthan Westera
sail noARU-4
about19 years old, born and raised on Aruba. My childhood was always staying really busy with all kind of sports. I just liked to do sports. I was good in many sports and I have could grow good in many different sports, but at the end Windsurfing got me the most. Coming from a island the beach is your 2nd home and with my dad having a water sports company on the island everything was getting already really clear. I want to be on the beach!! I’m really fortunate to have been grown up on Aruba and to live a lifestyle that many people dream of.

career highlights- IFCA Slalom Worldchampion 2017
- PWA Youth Slalom World Champion 2016 title under 22 years of age.
- PWA Fuerteventura 37th place slalom 2014
- IFCA Worldchampionship youth 4th slalom (15 years old) 2013
- IFCA Worldchampion under 17 slalom 2012
- IFCA Worldchampion under 15 slalom 2011
- IFCA Worldchampion under 15 freestyle and vice worldchampion under 17 2011
favourite sailsGA Sail Vapor
words to live byLive Life