Eliran Levi


nameEliran Levi
sail noISR-22
aboutI started windsurfing when i was 11 years old at the Techno club In my hometown Eilat.
After a few years of mixing it with freestyle i moved completely to freestyle and started competing and travel around the world.
My favorite spots i would say is Lighthouse at Dahab, the lake's of Tarifa and of course Eilat!
career highlights9th place at Matas blancas Efpt 2018
3rd place Eilat open 2017
favourite sailsthe Ga sails Pure 4.4, Non stop power!
favourite boardAnd the perfect combination would be the 4.4 pure and 90L twister!
words to live byYou should enjoy the little detours, To the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.