During the last week we saw a great preformence of our team on their Vapor sails at the PWA slalom event in Marignane. In tricky conditions the fleet was able to finish one elimination on the last day of competition.

Jamaine Carlotti, Sarah Jackson, Ayako Suzuki and Nimet Tulumen had an impressive start into the event with all of them making it to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Sarah, Jamain and Ayako just missed out on the winner’s final and the Top-10, finishing the event on the 13th (Sarah), 12th (Jamaine) and 11th (Ayako) place. Nimet couldn’t fine the speed from the heats before in difficult conditions during the winner’s final and finished the PWA slalom event on an impressive 8th spot.

The quarter finals in the men’s elimination saw seven GA Sails Vapors race and Nicolas Goyard, Sebastian Kördel, Malte Reuscher and Ethan Westera all made it to the semi-finals. Sebastian and Malte proceeded to the winner’s final, while Ethan and Nicolas went to the loser’s final and finished the event on 14th (Nicolas) and 11th (Ethan) spot. The wind finally filled in for the winner’s final and Malte tried to gain himself a perfect position at the first gybe mark, but unfortunately went over the starting line a bit too early, but still finished on a great 8th place. Sebastian had a tough battle in the final and managed to secure an impressive 3rd place at the first PWA slalom event of 2019.

Congratulations to our team and especially Sebastian on his great performance and we can’t wait to see the GA Team race again during the PWA event in Japan from May 10th to 15th.


Pics by John Carter / PWA