Faster, Lighter than ever, this is the ultimate wave weapon.



Wave sailors and progressive freestylers looking for radical performance in all wave conditions.

Used by many of our top wave riders including former world champion Thomas Traversa, the new IQ must perform no matter what the conditions. Our R&D teams goal for 2018 was to improve both speed and agility of the new sail making it lighter in the hands than ever before. A new luff curve and outline shape have dramatically increased the tension in the sail allowing the rider effortless control over the rig so they can focus on their next move.

New for this season is an IQ 5.9. The high-performance light wind wave sail was originally designed as a custom for some of our bigger team riders. The performance was so impressive, we decided to include it in the range. The sail is packed with the ultimate combination of bottom end performance and handling ideal for lighter riders in the lightest conditions or for heavier guys looking to get on the water earlier than ever.