Poison ’17




The 2017 POISON is our powerhouse to get you planing sooner than ever before.  It keeps you planing through the lulls. If you’re just starting out in waves and looking for a little more power to keep you out of trouble, this is the range for you. Our heavier team riders choose this sail for more locked in speed and power, the POISON will get up and go when you want it to!

The 2017 POISON was designed for maximum power. With an all new luff curve and outline it´s a perfect all-round wave sail. Designed to keep you planing through the biggest of lulls, the sail is easily controlled when the wind does pick up.  The POISON’s  5 batten stability across most of the range make it the fastest sail in our wave line  up. A longer, higher cut foot shape and lower batten positions improve overall balance and maneuverability allowing you to throw that next critical backside hit or rotate through a silky smooth forward loop.


New for 2017:
  • New for 2017:
  • All new Constant Curve Luff shape and redeveloped outline.
  • New INTEGRATED BATTEN TECHNOLOGY in the top three battens.
  • New Double Clew eyelet for increased tuning range.
  • POSI-LEECH with all new dynamic cut-out improving power and agility.
  • Performance Panel Layout for maximum strength and minimum weight.
  • 5 battens for maximum drive and planing power
  • 4 battens for 4.0 and 4.2 improving handling characteristics
Cedric Bordes

“For me I like power, I need it to get moving. The Poison delivers and keeps pulling me through the whitewater. Easy for me to get out in onshore conditions that I sail in a lot! I can also go very fast with this sail tuned how I want it.”