Phantom ’17




The PHANTOM is THE performance freerace sail. It combines the reduced weight and technical ease of a 2+1 batten cam sail with the performance of a full blown race sail.
The 2017 PHANTOM has a new high aspect outline and smaller sail head. We have increased the amount of shape in the head of the sail and this in combination with the new outline and constant curve mast result in a sail that has better power down low with superior speed at the top end. The new PHANTOM uses the performance GA twin cam system but this year we have added a third removable camber above the boom. This additional camber gives the sail a “next” level of performance, making it the ideal sail for those looking to progress their racing  skills.  With two cams the sail is lighter, and a bit more simple we can say. With three cams the new Phantom unlocks a whole new level of speed and stability enabling you to cross the finish line first!


New for 2017:

  • All new constant curve Luff curve
  • New high aspect outline
  • New Removable Cam creating an broader tuning range
  • Improved POSI-LEECH with new dynamic cut-out for more power and agility.
  • Inset clew geometry for reduced boom length
  • New Integrated Batten Technology improves efficiency, response and rig weight
  • New Lightweight performance panel layout for a maximum strength to weight ratio
Cedric Bordes

“This sail we could race the PWA and make it to the finals. It is super light and gets going easily. For those riders that want an easy cam sail that can blaze past just about anything out there, this is a no brainer!”