The Foxx from GA Sails is latest kids rig. It is light, easy to handle and built to last. It is perfect for any kid getting into windsurfing. For a little man’s first chop-hop, learning carve jibes or even riding his first wave, the Foxx will keep him moving forward with a smile on his face.


R&D Details

Built to last! Using our most up-to-date material and knowledge like our latest and greatest wave sails, the Foxx is very durable and extremely light. Uncompromising GA Sails quality ensures a long life.



  • • Radial Panel Layout 2G: improved layout for perfect locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability.
  • • Ultimate kids rig.
  • • Components to match.
  • • High quality construction.
  • • Built to suit a wide variety of body sizes.
  • • Smooth size flow choices.
  • • Bright colors for visibility and security.



Bottom Line

Building the champions of the future starts with the Foxx. Light, great handling and above all fun. It’s the prefect rig to learn and develop skills in the next generation.

Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS.
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