The new IQ makes a great step forward with the new features. Everybody who tried it was enthusiastic and said that of the wave sails this was the one that improved the most from last year. It is light, reactive and powerful when you need it. That is what the new design features bring – the Posi Leech combined with the Compact Batten Positioning make the sail feel lighter, but at the same time increase the drive. The ideal conditions for the IQ are more light-wind oriented than the Manic, so if the spot you sail the most doesn’t boast radical overpowered conditions the IQ is the ideal choice for the progression of all the latest new-school moves.


R&D Details

New outline with Posi Leech: we kept the luff length similar and made the boom shorter in general. The Compact Batten Positioning brings the battens and so the sail’s center of effort down. Stabilized Head Configuration and revised panel layout with less seams: we reinforced the head and clew area further, with the very top of the sail made completely in X-ply and an X-ply panel between clew and Monofilm window for added protection. We introduced a new improved luff curve and modified the shape in the seams, making the sail flatter and more open at the second batten. We also improved the trim range. The top half of sail is in our lightweight and elastic 2-Ply material. We kept the Dacron luff panel as in our opinion it is the best material when looking for a smooth and soft behaviour, coupled with great neutrality. The 2-mast concept allows all sizes to be rigged on 2-masts only.



  • – Shorter boom
  • – Posi Leech
  • – Compact Batten Positioning
  • – Stabilized Head Configuration
  • – Revised Panel Layout with less seams and better protected head and clew areas
  • – New luff curve
  • – New seam shaping
  • – Use of 2-Ply in upper body for reduced weight, lower swing weight and better response
  • – DACRON LUFF PANEL for softer, smoother feeling and maximum neutrality
  • – Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for perfect locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
  • – 3D EVA mast protector: new design, more user friendly and much easier to handle for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • – 3D mast head protector for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • – Vario Top protector – this little feature protects the exposed adjusting webbing from wear and tear
  • – 2 mast concept. Revised outline parameters on key sizes with a more compact outline and shorter luff for better control and maneuverability
  • – Instant response character – provides an ultimate ON / OFF control
  • – Optimized view windows for improved visibility
  • – Low aspect outline gives the IQ the most aggressive wave & freestyle performance
  • – Four battens skeleton on all sizes – reduces weight and provides powerful but forgiving character
  • – DOUBLE SEAM for heavy duty reinforcements


Thomas Traversa

“The 2015 IQ has really progressed forward. It’s got tones of drive for those light wind big wave riding days, yet in contrast it’s totally compact for radical moves in marginal and sloppy conditions. I am so happy with this sail whatever the conditions.”

Bottom Line

If you are planning a revolution, trust in the IQ. It will not let you down.



Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS.
Current technical specifications! All rights reserved to improve / modify / change any product at anytime.