The Vapor is our no compromise racing sail. It’s R&D process develops throughout the whole year. As soon as the 2013 model was finished and put in production, we started working on the 2014 model. For next season we changed many things, the main being the new masts, we developed a new line of 100% carbon masts with a new Constant Curve bending curve, this has helped us to achieve several goals and to make a step forward as with the old mast we reached the limits. What we achieved is a sail which is much more effortless and less tiring to sail fast. And much better and effective to pump, which has shown being extremely important especially during this season as it was crucial in many races after the first jibe at the first mark. We also added a 9,2 and adjusted some sizes putting in production a new 5,2 and 9,6 for Slalom and a new 12,5 Formula with 9 battens and 5 cambers, 11,0 and 10,0 remain in the same 8×4 configuration.