Cross ’14


The Cross has been redesigned from scratch. With a new luff curve and more shape we realised more power in the low end and we made it lighter and more user friendly. With one less batten in the sizes below the 6,4, the Cross is the perfect multipurpose sail, it combines the maneu- verability of a wave sail with the stability and speed of a freeride sail. Its skeleton is combined with normal and tube battens giving an incredible amount of control in the gusts and at higher speed making it the perfect bump & jump sail with tons of speed and turn ability.


Extremely versatile for any board or any condition. The Cross is fast, fun and friendly. FACTS:

  1. use of 2-Ply // in upper/front panel for reduced weight, lower swing weight and better response
  2. DACRON LUFF PANEL // for softer, smoother feeling and maximum neutrality.
  3. Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for perfect and locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
  4. 3D EVA mast protector // New design, more user friendly, much easier to handle for maximum shock- absorbing and minimal weight
  5. 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  6. Vario Top protector // this little feature protects the exposed adjusting webbing from wear and tear

Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS. Current technical specifications! All rights reserved to improve / modify / change any product at anytime.