Pro Rider Ingmar Daldorf NED-191

Pro Rider Ingmar Daldorf joins GA for 2017


MP: Welcome to the Gaastra/ Tabou Racing team for 2017 Ingmar! Tell us a little history about yourself and what has gotten you to this point in your life and windsurfing career.

ID: I became addicted with the water and wind when I was 12 year-old. Together with my dad and 2 brothers, I was spending every weekend on the water. Started with freestyle and after a few years on my dad’s freeride equipment, and started to participate in slalom racing. And on my first competition I know slalom was my thing, I was super excited. So after I finished my building engineer study a few years ago, I had more time to train and travel to international events and became to make some results.

MP: Tell us about your goals for the upcoming season.

ID: I want to grow mainly in the PWA competitions and have a goal set, ending in the top 20. And of course enjoy our beautiful sport, beside the slalom I want to do some more sessions on wave / freestyle gear.

MP: As for your training regiment, what do you think you are doing different than the top competitors you are aiming to beat?

ID: I enjoy making a lot of hours on the water and I use my training days to the extreme. I train hard but I do it with a big smile.

MP: What do you think is the single most important piece of the racing puzzle? Is it the training? The experience, the gear? Tell us your thoughts….

ID: To be ONE with your equipment. That you get with training, tuning and a lot of hours on the water.

MP: What are your thoughts regarding the new Foil discipline? Have you experimented yet with this and how do you see it moving forward?

ID: I have not tried the foiling discipline yet. I think the minimal wind limit is not far away from formula and the big slalom equipment. So I don´t see the great advantage of it yet. But of course it has to be fun to be flying over the water up in the sky.

MP: Who is the most respected windsurfer in your mind?

ID: On this moment Sarah Quita Offringa. Winning and having fun in tree disciplines. But also Robby Naish is a very respected windsurfer.

MP: Any words you like to live by?

ID: Enjoy every day.

MP: Thanks for your time, good luck for the season!

ID: Thanks a lot. I´m happy to be part of the GA-Tabou team. Let´s hope for a season with a lot of wind and great racing.


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