Pro Rider Alexandre Cousin joins GA for 2017

Pro Rider Alexandre Cousin joins GA for 2017


MP: Alex, welcome to the Gaastra team for 2017! Tell us what you have been up to the past year and what direction you are going for in the new year with new sails?

AC: Thanks Matt, Last year was a transition in my life. Because i stop to work to focus only on windsurf. And it as more difficult than i thought especially in my head. But i learned a lot of on the gear, on me and on the race. Next years i want come back in the top 15 minimum and maybe better, we will see. But when i saw the team Gaastra sails result’s on the few last years i’m sure they will help me do better.


MP: Winning the Formula World Championships is a pretty big deal! What was your secret for success and what do you do in order to prepare to defend this title this year?

AC: Yes was for sure the best result of my life. I haven’t any secret it’s just long preparation after long hours on the water. For 2 years i feel really fast in light and medium wind during my training in formula. But before the last championship i never can show this potentiel because all competition was in stronger wind.


MP: Tell us about your involvement with racing on the Foil? What is that like and where do you see this going in the future?

AC: I’m one of the first PWA rider who practice foils. For me this is the future for the windsurf. I hope in future for 2018 there is a foil tour on the PWA with a world title. For the moment we need to choose the course diagram and all the rules about wind range,….


MP: If you were racing with a foil against all the guys at the Formula Worlds would it be a dramatic advantage? What would be the biggest advantage and why? What would be the biggest disadvantage?

AC: For the moment the foil can be faster on the up wind but it’s very similar. but on the down wind the formula with the 12m2 are faster. The foil can be be faster if the race are small with more tack and jibe. with the foiling jibe you win so much especially in 8 12 knots. And the smaller sails give more handle for the tack. But if tomorrow we have a formula course diagram with free gear i take my formula gear. but i thinks foils have better potential and maybe before the end of 2017 the foils will be faster. With special boards, sails and new foils.


MP: What are you offseason plans for getting ready for the PWA slalom season?

AC: I decide to go to tarifa for 3 weeks, end of January to middle of february. And we have a training with French team in february/march in south of France and in Bretagne. Now I do lot of physical preparation with Mountain Bike, Gym, Surf… I try to take weight and be in my best form for the beginning of the season.


MP: There are a lot of experienced racers on the PWA Tour- what do you think it will take for you to get on the podium?

AC: I have experience butI need to be more consistent on all the tour. A podium on the overall ranking are like a dream for the moment but i work hard for this in the future. But a podium on one event is possible, if you feel really good on the gear during a event everything it’s possible.


MP: I know you had some options regarding your sail sponsor, what was it that made you choose Gaastra?

AC: Gaastra is a big name in windsurf world. With big result in the past. The team are really strong and i thinks we can do a good work together to do the best sails possible and to proove her potential.


MP: Thanks for your time Alex, I look forward to seeing your performance and wish you the best of luck!

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