//Interview with Ross Williams 3rd Place Mercedes-Benz World Cup Sylt

Interview with Ross Williams 3rd Place Mercedes-Benz World Cup Sylt



JH: Congratulations on another podium in Sylt! How did you find Sylt this year, it looked like everyone scored some conditions?

RW: Thanks, i am stoked to get my 3rd podium of the year. Sylt really turned on for all the disciplines this year so it was nice that we didn’t get stuck down 10 days of waiting on the beach for slalom conditions as we have done in the past. I think its important that we give the other disciplines a chance to have a moment in the spot light as we as the slalom sailors have many more events over the year.
JH: That result puts you in 3rd place overall. Give us the breakdown on what your chances are of improving that in New Caledonia. Is there a possibility of becoming world champion?

RW: The is a very small chance of me winning the overall, but thats not something i am going to spend time getting into as its depend on the performance of my competitors. I just want to focus on my race and my result and i want to finish as strong as possible. New caledonia can be a great venue so i am sure we will have a lot of great racing and i want to really go for it and whatever will be will be.
JH: How do you like New Caledonia for racing?

RW: New Caledonia as i said can be good place to get a lot of racing. I think we will have racing on a big, medium and small stuff so its a awesome place to showcase the equipment and the sailors abilities.
JH: How are you going to prepare for the event?

RW: Right now i finally have a minute to be at home, but i have lots going on away from competing. I have all the UK agent duties to attend to. I have budget plans and pre-orders and shop tours to arrange. At the same time i want to go and chase some nice wave conditions as this time of year is really special throughout the UK. Together we have pans to do some video work and technic stuff to release to our customers so they are able to tune and find the best setting for there 2018 gear. I also have my pro clinic later this month, and the final UK slalom event that Gaastra and Tabou sponsor and support. Hopefully i can get to mid November and create some time to go early to New Caledonia and train and i am sure i will be ready to go give it my best shot to finish off a good year.
JH: Tell us about the equipment you are using and the sizes you have mostly been using this year in the racing.

RW: So this year we have had a lot of racing done on our big boards manta 85 with our big sails 8.6. Also at the other end of the scale we did a lot of racing on the small manta 61 and sizes 7.1m and down. I think we have a very complete range of boards and sails, and i feel i am equally competitive on any size board or sail combination which is a testament to the great work our designers and testing team have been doing behind the scene.
JH: From everyone at Gaastra and Tabou we wish you every success in New Caledonia. You can do it!

RW: Thank you all for your support, through out my career Gaastra and Tabou have always be fighting for my corner and i want to honour their support with a successful end to the year. We will see.!!!



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