Interview with Ethan Westera – Congrats!

JH – Hi Ethan, congratulations on the PWA Youth world title! You must be stoked!


EW – Hello everyone, yes I’m super stocked to finally get my first youth title on the PWA. It was a hard year with lot’s of good battles with all the boys, but I managed to stay in front of the rest. Even though my overall result is not so amazing I’m pretty stocked with this title!


JH – How old are you now and when did you get into slalom sailing. A lot of the guys you are up against have been competing almost as long as you’ve been alive!


EW – HAHAHA I just turned 19 in the beginning of October and I got into slalom around the age of 9/10 and I never stopped. Yeah some guys are getting pretty old on tour…. But they are still performing on a really high level.


JH – your home is Aruba. Do you spend most of your time there when you aren’t competing on the tour? And what is the windsurfing like there?


EW – Home sweet home. Normally yes I do spend a lot of time there for school, work and training, but for this upcoming season I will be having more time to travel and train abroad due to finally finishing my school! The windsurfing on Aruba is just Paradise. You rig, take your shirt off, board shorts, harness and GO.


JH – You are using the Vapors that are designed by our designer, Peter Munzlinger. How did you find their performance across all the tour locations?


EW – I have met Peter a few times this year and I have also been helping Ben Van Der Steen with the testing of the sails for the following years. I have to say that every year we are definitely improving with the sails. This years sails were amazing for me. I felt comfortable and fast with all the sail sizes especially the small ones! The performance was consistent across all the tour locations.


JH – We have a pretty cool slalom team. Do you ever get any tips and advice handed down from the more experienced guys or do you have to learn the hard way as the youngest?


EW – GA has by my opinion the coolest slalom team on tour. Almost all the rides come from different countries and they all have lot’s of experience on tour. If I go for training to Tarifa I always sail with Ben and on tour before a competition with Ross and Sebastian. They always try to help me to get that extra touch to go faster and to be ready for a competition. So, yes they help me a lot and they are amazing human beings.


JH – What are your plans and preparations before the start of next years tour?


EW- My plan now is to go back home , relax a bit, recharge my batteries, work and start training for the next season as soon as possible. I will be training a lot Physically on Aruba and around end of January I will be heading to Tarifa to start tuning up for next years tour.


JH – Again huge congratulations on your world title. It’s great to see the young guys making an impression and we wish you all the best with your exciting career ahead.


EW – Thank you so much! I appreciate it! There is more to come.
Thanks to all my Sponsors, fans and family members to make this a reality!



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