I couldnt wait to return to Croatia. I’ve won there before but most importantly Its just a great place with great people and great food. But things started really sketchy for me and after the first day I was in 8th. On the second final I also got fully sandwiched and could only fight back from last to 4th. So a lot of the times after a beginning like this I would get all angry and impatient and everything would seem very difficult. Luckily this time I managed to keep my calm confidence, fight back and win the last final. And this whole mental situation is much more important to me then the result itself. Im happy with it and I can transfer this attitude to the PWA in Denmark in 2 weeks.

I used my Vapor 9.3 and Manta 135 the whole event. The wind was very light and also very thin and the 9.3 is a machine in this conditions. You always have this spare power and off the start and out of the jibes the acceleration is second to none. I’m confident that the tools are there to really put a good event together in Denmark and my focus is 100% there already.
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