After a windless spring with no competitions in the Netherlands, all hopes were on this year’s autumn for Ingmar Daldorf. The weekends were packed with events, but still the wind was not with the riders. But let’s leave the floor to Ingmar and let him explain, how the end of the competition season 2018 went for him:


“Luckily, we could finally run some events later on. Dutch season started with The RealTrip, a long-distance race at the beach of Makkum. Saturday the sun was out, the wind on and it was time for some racing. Two races with my big Manta and the Vapor 8.6 were completed in choppy Ijsselmeer conditions. We finished the first race of the year with a nice BBQ, tombola and party. Sunday we could do another two races and I scored a second place behind Jordy Vonk. A decent start, but I wanted more.


After the PWA Sylt it was time for the next Dutch competition: the big Dam-X event! The EFPT Freestyle final combined with fun slalom racing, charity running, Stand Up Paddling during the night, BBQ, water jumping, party and many more windsurf spectacles at Surfcenter Brouwersdam. The fun slalom race was a big success with 160 competitors, mostly kids and youth. The Pro fleet fought it out during seven slalom races and our team dominated the competition. Taty Frans became 4th, Ethan Westera 3rd, Jordy Vonk 2nd and myself, I took first place. Three teammates within the Top-4 was a great result for our team and local freestyler Davy Scheffers took the victory at the EFPT Freestyle event! A very impressive display of his talent against a strong fleet.


The last event of the year was the Dutch Championship, where the wind was marginal and there was very little chance of a title this year. Luckily, we just got enough wind at Stavoren and could finish two eliminations. I took the Dutch title after a close battle with Jordy Vonk, who got second. In the girls fleet Andrea Vanhoorne on GA-sails finished second just behind Esther De Geus.”


Congratulations to our team, performing exceptionally well at the Dutch events and thanks to Ingmar on his little insight into the competition season in the Netherlands.