Unit ’18

The new UNIT builds on the success of last season with further refinement and detailing. Designed to allow maximum freedom and support in a compact design. The comfort core remains with improved outer linings and a new harness frame adding greater comfort and support. Ultimate protection for a long session or a big wipe out.

Spine and Lumbar support have been tweaked to increase protection and a low profile helps the harness wrap snuggly into almost any body shape. A single strap buckle system improves freedom of movement and makes adjustment and proper fit a breeze.


Construction Details

  • – Single Webbing attachment point concept
  • – Low Profile Construction for strong support and free movement
  • – SOFTEDGE Technology: no pressure or stress points, everything is padded with soft neoprene
  • – 3D2: “double 3D shaped” PU board on the inside (made out of of six parts)
  • – BUSB spreader bar
  • – Extremely rugged and durable construction, quality materials + heavy duty stitching
  • – Buckle Up Spreader Bar