The fresh looking UNIT is our comfortable low profile harness. A harness that feels like you are not wearing one, whilst giving you maximum support. UNIT harness riders want freedom to move with style and power, all in a small package. The lower profile of this harness adapts to your body to support the spine and lumbar region. It has an integrated EVA cushion that provides tons of comfort. The Double 3D shape allows for a tight fit that does not let the harness ride up. The spreader bar comes with a protection pad and the single strap construction allows for easy adjustment. The BUSB gives maximum support both on and off the water.


Construction Details

  • – Single Webbing attachment point concept
  • – Low Profile Construction for strong support and free movement
  • – SOFTEDGE Technology: no pressure or stress points, everything is padded with soft neoprene
  • – 3D2: “double 3D shaped” PU board on the inside (made out of of six parts)
  • – BUSB spreader bar
  • – Extremely rugged and durable construction, quality materials + heavy duty stitching
  • – Buckle Up Spreader Bar