The G5 is our benchmark harness, a very complete package offering a fresh new look while keeping the fundamentals of a cutting edge harness. The Double 3D shaping gives maximum support and integrates lumbar comfort.

The optimized outline allows the perfect fit to wrap to your body. A medium to soft flex characteristic adapts to your back to bend when you need to move and stay rigid when you want it to.

The integrated EVA cushion protects from heavy impacts and gives added comfort. The build in DUAL STRAP construction spreads out the loading points all over the harness. The BUSB V2 spreader bar makes everything come together in one of the best harnesses on the market!


Construction details

  • – Double Webbing attachment point concept
  • – Armor Guard Construction: 80 pieces of high end materials make the G5 nearly bomb-proof!
  • – SOFTEDGE Technology: no pressure or stress points, everything is padded with soft neoprene
  • – Full EVA inside and out!
  • – 3D2: “double 3D shaped” PU board on the inside (made out of six parts)
  • – Extremely rugged and durable construction, quality materials + heavy duty stitching
  • – integrated kidney belt that runs through the entire harness for the best grip, best flexibility and perfect fit
  • – BUSB spreader bar