In order to be able to reduce the weight of the sails we developed a completely new range of laminate materials, with a much thinner film supported by a double structure of fibers – a balanced scrim of fibers orientated in the warp that fit within a classic X-Ply angled series of fibers. From its structure the name 2-Ply arose. We have created a complex woven web with the highest durability that is also very lightweight. Besides the proven X-Ply, we use this laminate in the upper sail body to achieve minimal swing weight and protection of critical areas.


  • – Less weight: use of new 2-PLY laminate reduces the weight in the top area of the sail by more than 10%
  • – Softer handling for better performance and comfort in gusts
  • – Better strain value for perfect profile and shape in the long term
  • – Better UV resistance due to a thinner film
  • – Used in crucial sail areas for best response, maneuverability and minimal swing weigh



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