Cosmic ’13


The Cosmic is basically the sister of the Matrix with 2 cambers. It fits in the same category of freeride sails but features a slightly wider mast sleeve and 2 small cambers. The cambers give the sail a more locked in feeling as they keep the profile more stable in one place. The slightly wider mast sleeve at the camber area has zippers that make rigging ultra easy. The rotation of the cambers is super soft and smooth. The Cosmic has good power and planes very early while maintaining exceptional performance through a wide range of use. The outline with the cross boom batten combined with the dropped clew keeps the center of effort low and the boom length moderate. Closing the gap is enhanced by the low foot outline.

Bottom Line:

It will be hard to find any sail that will come close to the two Cam Cosmic. A locked in shape that delivers greatness for all flat water conditions.

  1. Use of C-Film // for better durability and performance
  2. Radial Panel Layout 2G: improved layout for perfect and locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
  3. 3D EVA mast protector // for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  4. 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  5. dropped clew -// shorter boom, improved lower twist
  6. fifth batten crosses the boom area -// more power and performance
  7. Balanced twist -// progressive and smooth acceleration
  8. 2 small cams -// performance and locked profile
  9. 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight

Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS.
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