This NO-CAM sail is one of the fastest on the water! For 2012, we have adapted it to the new outline of the race winning Vapors.. Now we have a compact sail with a relatively short luff, that utilizes 7 battens instead of eight (four of them are tube battens). The new Savage is equipped with the Inset Clew System that allows the leach to twist out sooner so you can hang on longer.

Seven battens, no cams, a cross batten in the boom area and the Inset Clew System makes the Savage a real speed machine. The Radial Panel Layout provides a better profile alignment, a more harmonious twist behavior and it makes the sail stronger. The foot area sets up smooth and the bottom window of the sail has been reinforced again. On a straight line there is no need to hide from other race sails- the Savage will deliver speed almost like any race sail. The sail is light and balanced in your hands. The pressure point is positioned slightly further forward and ensures light back hand pressure. The sail accelerates extremely fast and easy without losing speed or control. Even if you go full gas into the jibe, the silky smooth rotation system ensures that you loose no speed or balance. An incredible feeling! The new Savage brings 95% of its power with our 75 percent carbon mast already. If you want the last 5 percent, you will need to upgrade to the Gaastra 100 percent carbon mast.

“Never ending Speed and then go full speed into the jibe. The new Savage is the absolute jibe killer. I know I’m fast on this sail, but I have been never faster with any other speed sail around the course.”