Introducing the all new Gaastra PURE. This revolutionary freestyle sail has Dominated the PWA Freestyle Tour turning heads everywhere it goes. Both Men’s and Women’s PWA World Titles have been won on the Pure! Development has been based on the legendary Echo LE and the Pure has shown it is the best Freestyle sail in history.

If you want a no compromise freestyle sail that is light and nimble, the Pure is the answer… It will blow you away!


Peter: “To be better than the Echo LE is already a big challenge. We took it and convinced the result over the whole line. The Pure dominates!”

The Radial Panel Layout with X-Ply panels from the clew and the foot area provides an optimized profile of the sail, perfect twist control and extreme durability. The monofilm panels in the sail are processed in different strengths to the lowest possible weight, combined with a long lifespan. The high clew cut in connection with the narrower outline enables ultra-light, precise handling in all conditions. The shorter boom and the flat profile along with the stiffer leech will result in quick acceleration out of the gate. The range is scaled closely, so all riders have the perfect tool for any conditions. The proven 4 batten structure comes from size 4.0 to 5.4, 5.6 and 6.0 have 5 battens to better compensate for the longer luff. All sizes have fixed tops and tailored precisely to each mast length.


“I love everything about the new Pure. Everyone knows that the Echo was the best freestyle sail. In the last years we had a great advantage with this sail. Now comes the new Pure, a freestyle 4 batten sails from 4.0 to 5.4, a dream come true. Peter has once again made a big step forward with it- the sail now has a bit more power than the Echo. It is lighter and what is extremely important especially with the new moves, it remains completely neutral when it turns into the wind . Even if it is extremely windy. With the new Pure new moves are coming soon. I won the 2011 PWA Freestyle Tour with it, I guess this proves the performance!”