The heavy punch of the Poison is still the best response to gusty onshore conditions. The deep profile located slightly to the back ensures the 2012 Poison is still the most powerful sail in our wave range. The profile alignment is optimized for the new radial panel layout. Combining this with the double x-ply luff panel increased the wind range significantly. Huge reinforcements and a new construction in the lower sail body makes the Poison much tougher than its predecessor. Bigger riders and less experienced riders will especially love the extra power in the Poison when passing the shore break. Nevertheless, the Poison’s handling on the wave is neutral enough to nail down the hardest tricks. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Peter: “Get up and go! The basic concept of the Poison stayed the same, but we managed to make it more efficient with many small updates.” The longer boom and deep profile gives power to the Poison. Combining two luff panels with the new radial panel layout results in a very stable and predictable sail optimizing profile, twist control and durability. This is an important characteristic with the power that comes from the Poison. A high clew position makes the leach more rigid, insuring ease in handling the power of the Poison, even in the most extreme situation. This also makes the sail more comfortable for bigger riders. ARNON DAGAN SAYS “In locations like Sylt, where you have to fight against strong currents and mostly massive shore break, the Poison is invaluable. It takes you out easily and will do whatever you want once you are on the wave, even in the most powered up conditions.”