The Phantom is a newly developed sail in the 2012 Gaastra line up. It replaces the GTX. The best way to describe it is to think of it as the Vapor’s little brother! With one batten less and only three cambers, this makes it much easier to handle on the water or on land. Everything else, Outline, Inset Clew System, aerodynamic boom cut out, dropped tack, and the high-tech sail cloth are identical to the Vapor. On the water, it stands out for its lively handling. The pressure point is precisely positioned in the front third. The sail does not have a speed limit- you are in charge of that! Hook in and hang on!

Seven battens, four of them composite tube battens, three cams and the cross batten, makes the Phantom a purebred race-like machine. The radial panel layout provides an optimized profile, while better twist control makes sailing a breeze. The sail foot area is free of wrinkles and the bottom window of the sail has been further reinforced. The mast sleeve in the upper range is made of K105 aramid cloth which includes the SAS systems (Shock absorption systems). Two big race cambers above the boom and a smaller roller cam below, take care of smooth rotation and rock solid stability. The slightly wider sleeve in the camber area allows you to trim the luff and leech first and then pop the cambers to the mast- VERY EASY! This protects the mono film and speeds up the rigging. The Larger sizes fit on a longer mast compared to the boom length to get better performance in light winds. Just like the Vapor, the Phantom “breathes”. This means the twist and the materials used allows the sail to automatically adjust to wind conditions. The result is an extremely relaxed handling of the rig. The relatively narrow sleeve and the modern cambers make this rig a beauty to go fast and jibe with ease!

“My buddies often think they are gonna smoke me on there race kit- then I overtake them to leeward. The Phantom is a destroyer- deadly fast and super simple!”