You will find the same successful DNA in the Manic HD as in the Manic plus the bullet-proof Xply throughout the whole sail. So whatever you have on your mind, don´t worry about the Manic HD. Now more than ever after checking every small detail again, the Manic HD has a soft balanced ride experience and is completely neutral on the wave. It reacts immediately and can be turned on and off. Nevertheless, it will bring you through the impact zone without any problems. If you want a bomb proof sail, the Manic HD delivers the goods. Big waves, sharp reefs and rocky launches, the Manic HD can take whatever you throw at it!
Peter: “After the extreme update last year we had adopted much of the development of the IQ in the Manic HD. The main task this year was to fine-tune the sails and to go into detail.”

Xply throughout the sail in addition to the already complex evolutions of the Manic makes the sail extremely durable. The new radial panel layout of Gaastra supports once again the radical changes, such as the much shorter luff by absorbing the forces on the sail and evenly spreading them throughout the whole sail, optimizing the profile, twist control and durability.
By small changes in the outline, we voted the riding experience within the range even better. In addition, we have again revised the bottom window of the sail and strengthened the leach. The result is a versatile and lightweight sail with even longer durability. We have maintained the dacron luff panel for a resilient and softer feel. The pressure point is concurrently always far forward in the sail to maintain control. A low profile with perfect twist in the leach make the sail extremely easy and smooth to ride.

“Last year, I didn’t have to swim home much because of broken material as in previous years. After the first few trips with the 2012 Manic HD, I am sure that I will swim even less in the future despite the increasing power in my moves. This is cool because I hate swimming!”