The revolutionary and highly successful regeneration of last year’s Manic has the 2012 model increasing greater durability and perfect fine-tuning within the range. With 5.7 through 3.7 the ultra-light handling and the extreme control for the Manic is always there. It is soft, balanced and neutral on waves. It reacts immediately and the pressure can turn directly on or off. Nevertheless, it will bring you through the impact zone without any problem. The 2012 design offers an even more pure Manic feeling than ever! It will be difficult to find a better all around sail for waves or stormy flat water days. In big waves the Manic is in a class of its own even for light or heavy riders because of incredible handling and twist characteristics!

Peter: “After the extreme update last year where we had adopted much of the development from the IQ to the Manic, our main task was fine-tuning the sails and getting into detail.”

The new radial panel layout supports the radical design changes of last year while the sail absorbs forces optimally and evenly throughout the whole sail. This provides a perfect profile with ultimate twist control and durability. By small changes on the outline we fit the riding experience inside the entire range.
In addition, the lower part of the sail has again been revised and the leach increased, resulting in a light and convenient sail which is even more durable than before. What remains is the dacron luff panel for a resilient and soft feel. The pressure point is concurrently far forward in the sail so control is not lost. The low profile with the magic twist in the leach make the sail extremely smooth and easy especially in the biggest of waves.

“The 2011 Manic has convinced me completely with the new design details of the 2012, that the sail is easier to handle and at the same time more robust. I can hit the wave always 100% without thinking about any damages. Thanks Peter, I call that perfect precision work.”