The 2011 IQ defined the concept of new school wave sailing from scratch. The IQ successor has even more control and freedom of movement on a wave. That makes you speechless? Hold on until you give it a shot yourself. The ultra compact design combines early planing with radical maneuverability in unprecedented symbiosis. It is light as a feather but still comes with plenty of power. It is the baby of Thomas Traversa and for the current design Alex Mussolini gave even more additional input. The IQ is light, powerful and radical. You will be amazed how deep it gets you in the pocket of the wave. It’s performance handles the modern multi-fin wave boards in perfect harmony and you will appreciate the power on mushy waves.

Peter: “With Thomas and Alex, we have two very extreme surfers in our team. Their input has helped us a lot to make the new IQ slightly more radical. Those two ask for the 3.3 in the range as well.”

The refined leach and slightly wider head outline provides a more controlled twist in strong wind. The new radial panel layout provides an optimized profile with twist control and durability in extreme situations. A completely new 3.3 is added to the range, which now only goes to 5.7 square meters as the brand new Pure covers these the freestyle sizes. The lower part of the sail window was redesigned and is now absolutely “bullet proof”. The IQ has four battens from 3.3 to 5.0, and the sizes 5.3 and 5.7 now come with 5 battens for more stability. The whole range of sizes were tuned and refined again completely.

“It’s a great feeling when your baby shows such good progress. The 2nd generation of the IQ makes it even easier for me to smack the wave as radical as possible. It fits perfectly to my surfing style and on top provides plenty of power when I want it.