This next generation freeride sail has impressed not only the test teams of the magazines, but windsurfers around the globe. Quick and agile, the Cross represents the perfect synthesis of wave and race sailing. The new Cross has slightly more performance and is more durable than ever. The Cross remains unchanged in its smooth handling and top end stability. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Peter: “There is no windsurfer out there who will not have fun with the new Cross. Whether speed or maneuvers, the design proves itself in both disciplines.” The new Gaastra radial panel layout optimizes profile, twist control and durability due to evenly distributed forces on the sail body. A combination of 6 composite tube battens results in an extremely stable sail that will handle high wind overpowered conditions with ease. The RAF skeleton makes rigging effortless. The compact sail body with the wider head provides easy handling. The new profile alignment accelerates quickly in low wind and the specified twist allows for a breathtaking top speed. The extra reinforced area below the window guarantees a long life. ALEX MUSSOLINI SAYS “I’m really surprised how direct and yet very easy the new Cross gets going when a gust comes through the sail. I easily pass other guys with camber sails. Even in small waves I love to use this all-rounder on my slalom board.”