The Cosmic is a complete redesign of the ever-popular Swift. Compact outline, a low foot and a Crossbatten running through the boom area are the new striking features of this Swift replacement. The new Crossbatten better supports the two cambers above and below the boom. These are the two longest battens in the sail and the Crossbatten provides a more stable pressure point to balance the profile when loaded. The Cosmic rigs easily and trims to perfection!

With six battens, 2 cambers and the two newly developed cross battens, the Cosmic is dialed in for fast freeriding. The slightly wider sleeve in the area of the cambers allows the Cosmic to be rigged like a modern race sail. First trim the luff and leech and then “pop” the cambers on the mast. This protects the mono film and speeds the rigging up. The mast slides into the sail almost by itself. Like this the Cosmic is almost easier to rig than a sail without cambers. The Radial Panel Layout provides a better profile alignment, more harmonious twist behaviors and a much more durable sail. The foot area is free of folds and the bottom window of the sail is heavily reinforced. The tube battens together with the two cambers provide ultimate stability while the smooth rotation of the cams make it easily maneuverable. The low-cut foot can hang up on the board easily. The Cosmic is developed on our Gaastra 55 and 75 percent carbon masts and match them perfectly. Whether with a Freeride, Free Race or slalom board, the Cosmic knows no limits.

“It is amazing how compact the sail feels. It immediately accelerates at every small gust of wind and the pressure point stays stable for a long time. A real fun in all conditions! “