The ULTIMATE edge!

Get ready to feast your eyes on the all-new Race Weapon from Gaastra’s new designer, Peter Munzlinger. “We set out on a big mission to get the Vapor’s to a new level of performance- Over the past month, our test team of Arnon Dagan and Alberto Menegatti have been hammering away on the water and progressing the sails like I have never seen!” says Peter.

This latest creation sees a dramatic improvement over anything that has come out of the Vapor range so far. A lower aspect ratio setup gives a slightly longer boom length that promotes instant acceleration. This new design makes a more flexible rig that keeps you moving faster and faster through heavy waters. New Cambers together with new shaping characteristics combined with the revolutionary Inset Clew make this new sail a Fire Breather!

The main features of the sails are a dynamic twist given by the tension of the leech that matches perfectly the bending curve of the Gaastra masts.
The New Large Cambers keep the sail shape locked into position without compromise. Rotation is effortless and will continue to be the leader in cam sail rotation.

New SAS (shock absorption system) has been specifically developed to absorb chop at top speed. With our new K 105 Aramid Sock Material, we are able to control the flex characteristics of the top part of the sail. This “bird like” feature lets the gust hit and the material flexes keeping you in control. In bumpy conditions, this allows the rider to move faster forward without getting pulled around having to adjust to the water conditions.

Peter :
“I’m happy to already have found such great success with this sail. Having the accessibility to the latest and greatest materials combined with a great production facility make this job a dream! It has been a team effort together with Arnon and Alberto and we are just beginning. My focus has always been on creating fast sails and I will continue doing this year round!”

“I have tried a lot of sails and spent hours upon hours of research and development on racing sails- These new designs are INCREDIBLE!!!! I can’t wait to get on the race course in 2011!”
An all out equipped race bred machine that is prepared to deliver podium performance. No compromises have been made to this range. There is only one way to see what the all new Vapor can do- Get on one as soon as you can and lead the pack! Gaastra Vapor…. Race em or Chase em!