Swift ’11


The newly designed twin cam recreational sail stands out with all new features. A magazine test winner, the Swift is ready for flat out fun anytime in any condition!

“We worked hard to deliver a twin cam sail that has plenty of power and stability. We have repositioned the shape to lock in more forward keeping the sail accelerating in gusts. Less drag means more speed!”

This 2 cam freeride sail locks in the draft and sets a new boundary for a twin cam rig. A six batten skeleton is used for sizes 6.0 and up while a 5 batten setup is used from 5.5 and down. Gaastra’s signature triangulated load bearing panels ensure ultimate strength to weight ratio.

Kevin Pritchard:
“For a twin cam sail, I could go pretty fast on the Swift. It was easy in my hands and had a steady pull to get me going- It was light and fun to ride!”

Bottom line:

If you want a cam sail that is light and tight, the Swift is your answer. With 2 cams you get good top end stability and will be able to keep the sail locked and loaded through the lulls. An easy to use cam sail that is a great step from a RAF rig towards a more race like rig.

Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS, including standard diameter masts.