Savage ’11


The all new no- cam race sail that delivers top of the line Vapor like performance combined with Matrix like rigging. The merge of two sail types into one! A fire breathing weapon that will smoke any RAF sail that gets close!

“This particular sail has been on our list of things we wanted to make… and here it is. A sail that can rig easily and perform with the other guys on cambered sails.”

An 8 batten skeleton combined with the inset clew deliver stellar performance. A revolutionary concept built to annihilate all challengers.

Ross Williams:
“If there was a PWA discipline requiring no- cam sails this baby would be the bomb! I was impressed with the speed and handling!”

Bottom line:

For those that want race like performance without the hassle of cams, this is the easy choice. You could think of this sail as the RAF Vapor.

Compatible with other masts that are equal in length and IMCS, including standard diameter masts.