The Poison remains our powerhouse people mover. Get up and go with built in power generated from enhanced seem shaping combined with our twinstripe X ply luff panel. A longer boom length and a new outline put the Poison in a league of it’s own. A perfect combination of Power and control that keeps you moving in light and gusty winds.

For this years Poison we changed the outline up to get a more efficient flow through the wind. The seam shaping has increased a taste to deliver more power that is controlled with the new outline. The luff curve has been adjusted to provide more rig tension and a better twist flow.
The Poison delivers power with its longer boom length and loaded seem shape. The twinstripe X ply luff panel keeps a steady feel to the rig. A higher clew height gives a firmer leach that keeps power in your hands.

Arnon Dagan:
“When I sail in light winds and I need power to get moving in the onshore conditions. The Poison gives me what I am looking for and more!”