A versatile freeride sail that is ready for action! Novice sailors can cruise around in the lightest breezes on this lightweight and efficient sail. The Pilot is also one of the best intermediate freeride sails on the market. It utilizes design features from the Matrix, Poison, and Remedy. Then combines them into an easy handling, easy to rig power house. R&D: This sail has a lot of cool components that make it super easy and fun to sail. We have a good rig here in an excellent value for money package. The Pilot is very affordable for novice and intermediate sailor to get out on the water with latest design! A great sail for novice windsurfer that doesn’t want a sail they will soon grow out of.. This sail is light, perfect for learning waterstarts, gybing and it will get you planing fast! Rigging is a breeze- Freeride speed and excitement will put a smile on your face! Ross Williams says: “The ultimate rig for teaching my girlfriend the next steps of our exiting sport- She loves the Pilot…… It is a an uncomplicated performer that makes windsurfing FUN!”