The pinnacle of freeride sails the ever-popular Matrix boasts some great new looks and maintains perfect performance. A no cam freeride sail that has top end speed and control without sacrificing planing power! Hook in and Hang on…

“We spend a lot of time on this sail making sure it is just right- we want a rig that has early planing characteristics that can go fast!”

Precise profiles and with a wider head give quick acceleration and stableness in both gusts and lulls! A 6 batten configuration offers great top end speed and control. Composition tube battens keep the draft locked. The low foot cutout increases speed and enables you to close the gap for fast runs!

Arnon Dagan:
“Simply brilliant- I have had some speed runs on this sail and am impressed with how stable it is! The R&D team has done a great job to get a freeride sail to go this fast!”