The Manic HD steps into the limelight with a completely new designed outline. Built to withstand heavy impacts from reefs, rocks, roads and rugged coastlines the HD is hungry for whatever you feed it. The luff has been shortened and has a wider head to compensate for this. The Manic HD borrows design ideas from the IQ while retaining all its successful features from the past, creating a sail that is perfect for any rider.
The all new design features the same quality you would always demand from the Manic. A full body X ply grid keeps everything held together under extreme load. The Dacron Luff Panel provides a soft responsive and elastic drive. The shape stays locked forward so you are always in control. Flat profiles and the perfect twist make the sail ultra smooth and fun to ride. You can turn it on or off instantly. The Manic HD is built to last-

Ross Williams:
“I pretty much go for broke on any wave I catch. If I end up on the rocks I just hope my gear is still in one piece and I can get right back out there. The HD Manic keeps me going strong- When I do break everything, it was a pretty good wipeout!”