The GTXrace for 2011 sets a new precedence for a 3 cam race sail. Complete with the unique Gaastra Inset Clew design, this race horse keeps you moving at top speed all the time. The GTXrace will give the Vapor a run for its money.

“We just keep learning when developing the Vapors and the GTXrace always benefits. This market sector is getting bigger and bigger and we are confident this design for 2011 will be hard to beat!”

The semi-wide sock technology and 3 cam set up make the GTXrace light and nimble. It will jump on a plane and get up to speed with lightning quickness. Sizes 7.0 and down have a 7 batten configuration while the 7.5 and up have an 8 batten configuration. This gives the sail the ideal proportions and gives more life to each size!

Arnon Dagan:
“Smokin fast- If I wasn’t racing on the world tour, the GTX would be good enough for me. I love the weight and feeling of the rig- it is almost good enough for me to spritz the world champion!”