The all New CROSS is derived from the ever-popular Remedy range… It achieves the same performance as the Remedy while reducing luff lengths and continuing to generate speed, power and control. A perfect freeride design.
“The Cross is a fun sail to ride. It is easy to rig, has top end speed and stability and with the new wider head and shortened luff it feels more alive.”

Refined profiles along with a wider head give quick acceleration and stableness in both gusts and lulls! The 6 batten skeleton offers great top end speed and control. Composition tube battens keep the draft locked and loaded. The higher foot cutout makes jibing FUN and waterstarting much easier.
Ross Williams:
“I love riding the Cross on those days when it is flat and I want to just cruise around. I can duck jibe it, do some freestyle tricks and pass a lot of guys sailing full cambered sails! The Cross is one sail that I could take anywhere and have plenty of fun with in any condition!”