‘Secret Weapon’

The 2010 Vapor more than surpasses its historic expectation of excellence. Designed around the demands of the best racers on the planet, Dan Kaseler has created the brainchild of Kevin Pritchard, Ross Williams, Arnon Dagon, and Cedric Bordes, each a living legend with irrefutable expertise. Gaastra R&D continues to move forward and upward, as 2009 PWA vice-slalom world champion and former speed world record holder Finian Maynard has signed on to race with the Gaastra 2010 International team.

This years Vapor underwent a complete overhaul. The Inset Clew shortens the boom, provides effortless acceleration, and higher performance in disturbed wind and choppy conditions. The Inset Clew provides automatic depower control in puffs, by allowing the battens to twist open behind the boom. Normally, in a gust the center of effort moves backward and the draft increases making the sail feel backhanded, and unwieldy. This invention stabilizes the draft depth and holds the center of effort forward keeping the power in your hands where it belongs.

Unlike competitors, our Inset Clew repositions the boom and center of effort without compromising the outline. This allows the battens above and below the boom to react to the automatic depower this feature provides. Keeping the area beneath the back of the boom prevents us from needing to put that area somewhere else. Furthermore, this helps maintain a low and easily controlled center of effort. A protective silica bead around the inside of the opening and a maintenance free mini-batten beneath it guarantee smooth shape and infinite longevity.

A new low aspect-ratio outline and fuller profiles maximize low-end performance and collaborate with the Inset Clew to make early planing a certainty without any sacrifice to top-end speed. The 2010 Vapor features an improved finer entry and narrower head for certain control at top speed. Shape is more stable than ever as this model boasts a wider luff panel and a 5th camber (in sizes 6.7-12.0) to push shape control even higher.

A new neoprene boom opening fairing prevents the sock from filling with water and optimizes aerodynamics. A wider sock makes rigging and rotating easier than ever before. This iteration of the Vapor grew significantly in only one year and this is the best time ever to own one. The 2010 Vapor is the fastest sail around any racecourse and a certain route to the podium whether you race in the PWA or at your local beach.

The 2010 Vapor is available in a standard monofilm model as well as a high performance PWA registered Technora Laminate model. Constructing an already superior sail of this futuristic materiel raises it to the pinnacle of windsurfing technology. The 2010 Vapor TL remains entirely unmatched.


  1. Unique Inset clew- shortens boom length while keeping the sail outline efficient and aerodynamic
  2. Wider luff panel for easier rigging and better shaping characteristics
  3. Wide sock technology
  4. Easy rigging snap on style
  5. New view windows tough luff socks for improved visibility
  6. Locked in cam shape for top end control
  7. Drop tack design for “closing the gap”
  8. Triangulated load bearing panel layout gives the most strength to weight ratio